Al Horford has Brazilian sisters who play for sports and dream of a “champion” meeting with Celtics stars.

Maira Horford is a sister of the Celtics Pivot and plays for LBF’s Sport Recife.

Al Horford Boston CelticsThose who play in the finals of NBA Against Golden State Warriors This season. Pivots are defensive “sheriffs” with blocks, steals, and rebounds in addition to deciding an attack with a 3-point ball.

At the age of 36, Horford will play for the first time in the NBA Finals. Game 6 of the NBA Finals will air this Thursday. By ESPN on Star +, 22:00 (Brasilia). And he has a special fan base from his sister, Myra, to the south of the Americas.

Maira Horford is a Sport Recife point guard and participates in the LBF., Brazil Women’s Basketball League. At the age of 26, she has her best career average with 10.9 points and 6.4 rebounds.

“It’s very nice and rewarding to see my brother in the final. He’s a person I can respect and can do everything on the court and outside. My dad prepares a lot and takes good care of him. Say you’re doing yourself. I’m with him on whatsapp, but I haven’t met him personally yet. In the future, I’ll know more people from AL and my family. I’m arranging for you, “said Maira. ESPN even points out similarities with his brother in court..

“My brother and I have a very strong feature in defensive. He has a lot of scoring games, but there are games he thinks will help the team a lot in defensive. In defensive we have. I believe that there is something in common. “

Brazilian Al Horford’s father, the daughter of Tito Horford. She played Tito in the NBA in the 80’s and 90’s, stinted in Brazilian basketball, and played in Sirio and Suzano...

During this period in Brazil Tito had a brief relationship with Patricia AndradeFormer volleyball player, Myra’s mother.

In 2021, playing for the Dominican national basketball team, Myra finally met her father in person after years of virtual relationships. “My dad and I talk almost every day. I talked a lot without knowing him. Now that I know him, my communication has just improved. It’s great.”

Myra even revealed that she had received advice from her brother on what to do in court.

“When I was in the Dominican Republic, there was a game I wasn’t doing well, my dad talked to him (Al), he came and sent me a text, so I need to calm down I was able to talk about these things I’ll do to improve in the next game so we talked a lot about these things. “

Myra, who is about to start the LBF playoffs in sports, hopes that her first personal encounter with her brother will show off the trophies of both champions. “That would be perfect. If he had an NBA championship ring and I had a trophy, it would be really cool.”


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