After opening an account at the National Open, Matt Fitzpatrick focuses on six majors | National Open

Matt Fitzpatrick quickly won the five dozen major championships after declaring his first US Open victory, aiming to match Nick Faldo’s European record. Fitzpatrick won at Brookline’s country club with a single blow from his final day play partner Will Zaratris and the world’s number one Scottie Scheffler.

“6 is a number,” Fitzpatrick said when asked if he had a major target. “It’s the number of all of us [in Fitzpatrick’s team] I agreed. It’s a little way, but it’s a good start.

“You want to win more now. That’s no doubt. I keep doing what I’m doing. I’m not trying to change things. I’m probably a sit-in meeting with everyone. And will just try to make the right decisions to move forward. Still easy to get going. I have to keep doing what I’m doing, and hopefully more will come Probably. So far, I’m happy with one. “

Fitzpatrick shares a remarkable achievement with legendary Jack Nicklaus, who won both the US Amateur Championship and the US Open at the same venue. Nicklaus achieved that at Pebble Beach.

He won trophies with Matthew Fitzpatrick and his father Russell, brother Alex, and mother Susan and Brookline. Photo: Warren Little / Getty Images

“Whenever I share a record with Jack Nicklaus, it’s incredible,” said Fitzpatrick, who won the course on the outskirts of Boston. “So it’s incredible for me to have it too. He called me in a presentation to congratulate me. Coming from such a person, it means the world.

“I felt very comfortable around this place. Know where to hit and where to make mistakes. I’m happy to be undefeated here.”

Fitzpatrick looked emotional when thinking about his upcoming city, Sheffield. Golfers are enthusiastic supporters of Sheffield United. “I don’t compare it to my football team, but I feel it’s the same deal,” he explained. “I wasn’t expected to work, nor was I expected to succeed. I won the majors today.

“I certainly feel like I’m working hard for it. It’s like where I grew up, it’s the spirit of everyone around me. It’s not the upper class. It’s certainly the weak. It’s like the spirit of, and you work for what you get. “

Graceful Zaratris pays homage to Fitzpatrick, especially the amazing shots from 72 fairway bunkers.nd hole. Fitzpatrick noticed he was on the beach 159 yards from the flag and fired an iron 20 feet inside. Zalatoris then saw his birdie putt, who would have been forced into the playoffs, slide past the hole in agony.

“Matt’s shot on the 18th will probably be shown in the rest of the history of the US Open,” Zaratris said. “I thought it would be elastic to walk and aim for it, but the fact that he pulled it off and even had a birdie look was just incredible. So I’m wearing a hat on him. He played great all week long. “

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