ADVFN News | Project Cardalonia Metaverse Integrates Adahandle Set to Release First Metaverse Trailer

Blockchain and Metaverse games have become very popular these days, and these games are slowly transforming the entire gaming industry with the introduction of irreplaceable assets like existing blockchain tokens. Today, gamers are using blockchain concepts like NFTS to make games not only a source of entertainment, but also a passive source of income.

With the explosive growth of Metaverse games, developers are constantly working to improve the DAO token utility that enhances the Metaverse games, while at the same time bringing more revenue opportunities to players. Cardalonia is one of the games built on the Cardano network.

Cardalonia is a play-to-earn metaverse project built on the Cardano blockchain. Cardalonia Metaverse is a fascinating and fun virtual world where $ LONIADAO token holders can buy, land, socialize, play games, trade, attend events and earn rewards for 3DNFT avatars.

Cardalonia allows players to build their own experience in the Metaverse. The project team will develop the platform in several interconnected global decentralized multiplayer and multichain ecosystems.

How to use?

Owners of $ LONIA tokens can choose destinations in the Cardaronia ecosystem by purchasing land. This will determine which clan you belong to.

There are four clans: Original, Royals, Nobles and Knights, and Peasants.

It is also important to note that you must own some $ LONIA tokens before participating in the pre-sale of land. When a user buys or leases land, the player can start designing and building the experience. Cardalonia gives players complete control over how the game works on each terrain, making it easy for players to build.

ADAHandle integration

$ LONIA token holders with active membership in the Cardalonia Stakeing Vault can choose to display the ADA identifier on the Cardalonia Vault leaderboard.

When the Caldaronia Metaverse is fully released, it will provide land designated to serve the community for work, leisure and welfare purposes. In-game NFT assets are currently under development and will be released shortly.

Characteristics of Cardaronia

Cardalonia has many features in its Metaverse platform to maintain the usefulness of the ecosystem and provide value to its users.


Players can create current clan members and create new clans. These new clans have unique and unusual features that help increase player revenue.

Cardaronia Marketplace

This is an internal NFT marketplace where users can list, buy and sell Cardalonia collections. In the market, players can buy land, buy and exchange avatars, buy in-game power-ups and gems. The market is currently under development.


Cardalonia recently launched a staking platform that allows users to start staking tokens immediately after they get them. Users can earn up to 25% APY with bet tokens.

LONIA token

LONIA is a native utility token that facilitates all transactions in the Cardalonia Metaverse. There are a total of 100 million LONIA tokens with strong locking policies. This means that tokens will no longer be created.

LONIA token holders receive many perks, including access to exclusive NFT drops, access to the whitelist of clan drops, exclusive experiences of the Cardalonia ecosystem, perks, and access to items. Holders can also vote on specific decisions that may affect Caldaronia’s ecosystem.

Bet rewards will be distributed through LONIA tokens. Tokens are also used for purchases and payment of land rent.

How to get a $ LONIA token

You are Early adopters Interested parties can visit the token sale page and buy some Lonia tokens at the cheapest price before being listed on the exchange here / /

The token statistics are as follows:

1 ADA = 13 $ LONIA token
Sale period = 6 epochs
Seed sale allocation: 15,000,000 tokens
Minimum purchase amount: 250 ADA

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