About the resurrection of basketball in Basco

Two years later, Vasco Dagama resumed basketball this Monday (20). Cruzmaltino has partnered with Tijuca Tênis Clube to play in the next development league with NBB in mind.

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The first step in Basque basketball

The starting point for the revival of basketball is the partnership with Tijuca. The club understands that this is the first step before arriving at NBB. If you want to play in New Basketball Brazil, it is worth remembering that the club is obliged to participate in the tournament.

At first, Vasco does not sift. Basketball giants use Tijuca players to participate in the development league. The club’s intention is to return to the basic category in the near future.

Development league matches are played in the South and São Paulo. There are no competitions in San Janua Rio.

When will the development league start?

The tournament will be held from July to October, CR Vasco / Tijuca will be classified in Group B, the first stage Esporte Clube União Corinthians / RS will be from July 18th to 23rd, and the second stage Club Athletico Paulistano / SP will be 8 From 24th to 30th of the month.

For the finals, the final stage will take place from September 26th to October 1st at Esporte Clube Pinheiros.

How will Vasco compete in the next NBB?

Vasco has a franchise in the competition. This franchise will expire next month. Cruzmaltino needs to confirm participation in NBB by July 1st to ensure that the team’s financial position is affordable.

Teams such as Corinthians de Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia tried to buy the Gigante de Basquete franchise, but the club revealed that it was interested in returning.

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Will Basco sponsor basketball?

Cruzmaltino is negotiating with sponsors to fund the entire team, in addition to coaching staff. The club is still looking for new sponsors.

Team assembly

Vasco hires a director to form a professional team to compete in the next NBB. The intention is to have a team that can participate in the competition. The club’s wish is to have a stronger team in the coming season.

After Vasco da Gama’s basketball return was announced, the NBB director was pleased to show that one of Brazil’s largest basketball clubs was back.

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