A suspected case of monkeypox has been reported in Sedro, Ceará.

The Sedro Health Department, 387 kilometers from Fortaleza, said on Thursday, 16th. Monkeypox Residents of the municipality. According to a memo released by the ministry, this is a 54-year-old man who recently made contact with a person living in the state of São Paulo, and four cases of illness have already been confirmed.

Also, according to the secretary, the patient showed the first symptoms of infection when he was admitted to Zulmiracedrim de Agiaal Hospital and Maternity this Wednesday, Wednesday 15th, and remains hospitalized there. Folder adds that his health is stable.

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Following standard procedures for suspected illness cases, the city’s epidemiological surveillance does not notify the Ministry of Health (MS) of records and continues to monitor the patient and those who have recently come into contact with him. Genetic samples from men were sent to the Enterovirus Institute at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC / Fiocrus) in Rio de Janeiro, which is the reference point for the diagnosis of monkeypox in Rio de Janeiro. .. Results should come out within 21 days.

I wanted people, Ceará Health Department (Sesa) reported that the Ministry of Health has not yet officially notified a suspected monkeypox case registered in Sedro this Thursday. This folder points out that the state has so far added two records of the disease. One of the involvement of Fortaleza residents has already been ruled out by laboratory testing. The other is notified by Maracanaú and is waiting for the test to be processed.

In Brazil, there are six confirmed cases of monkeypox. Four are in São Paulo, one in Rio Grande do Sul and the other in Rio de Janeiro. According to the Ministry of Health, deaths from the disease were not recorded in the country until this Thursday night.

How is monkeypox transmitted?

-Infections between humans occur primarily through large respiratory droplets.

-Drops cannot move far, requiring long periods of personal contact.

-The disease can infect people through fluid, contact with lesions, or indirect contact with substances in lesions.

What are the main symptoms of monkeypox?

-Incubation period can vary from 5 days to 21 days

-The fever period of the illness usually lasts 1 to 3 days (fever, severe headache, swollen lymph nodes, low back pain, myalgia, lack of energy)

-Rash stage, lasting 2-4 weeks (lesions progress to spots-flat lesions-papules-raised and painful lesions)

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