A BOLA – Berenenses and Transfer Market (A BOLA TV) highlighted at QUINTA DA BOLA (22:00)

This Thursday, June 23, you are yours TV ball (Meo’s Channel 13, Vodafone’s 31, NOWO’s 64) ..

Jose Manuel Delgado (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper ball) Always soften interesting discussions QUINTA DA BOLA.. This week, Patrick Morais de Carvalho, President of the Restero Club, participated, with a particular focus on the transfer market and the rise of Berenenses to Riga 3. Top quality suits to analyze themes: Vitol SerpaNewspaper president ball, Fernando SheilaChairman of the Benfica General Assembly, Jorge Castello, JOregsvr OTRA LHיO When Lionel PontesCoaches, and even former referees and commentators TV ball, Pedro Enriquez.. A program that allows you to discuss everything and should be discussed, with nearly two hours of conversation.

Lithos and Andrepipa at BOLA DAS SETE (7:15 pm)

Lithos, trainer, commentator TV ballAnd journalist Andre Pipa are guests of Jose Rafael Lopez. Seven balls.. The transfer market and current domestic and international conditions are table topics.

Andre Pipa of International Press Magazine (17:45)

International Press Magazine Today it is guaranteed by journalist Andre Pipa. The presentation is signed by journalist Jose Rafael Lopez.

André Pipa and Jorge Pessoae Silva at MARKET TOTAL (18:45)

André Pipa and Jorge Pessoae Silva also bring news from the world of transfers to the table. Total market.. José Rafael Lopes introduces the program starting at 18:45.

20:30: Special Vítor Manuel, Lord 505 games

VÍTOR MANUEL Is one of Coimbra’s most iconic footballers … In an interview conducted by journalist Pedro Castello, a mythical coach born in the village of Murriskas and starting to play for the recall of Tramagal is his football life. In a big passion episode, dive in with nostalgia Coimbra reveals a very strong connection with his son Vitol Bruno, assistant coach of FC Porto’s Sergio Conceison, and many other topics not to be missed. To … in you TV ball!!

Sports Broadcast (15:50)-Futsal: Benfica-Sports

TV ball Benfica-Sports, National Futsal Championship Finals Playoffs Game 3 will air this Thursday.

MADJER accelerates with LETITRUN (12h25)

O Let’s roll This week shows Mager’s passion for the motorcycle world and can be seen in him from 17:40 this Saturday. TV ball..Written and published by Domingos Janeiro Let’s roll A face-to-face conversation / interview program familiar in the world of sports, television and entertainment. The theme is “rolling” the guest’s experience in the middle of the motorcycle. Mager, the best beach soccer player ever in biker mode … a must-see!

Ride to see at 1:25 pm

That series TV ball Having the privilege of broadcasting (the absolute premiere of the country), it will certainly touch all sports fans, especially all lovers of the amazing equestrian world. From the mountains of New Zealand to the vineyards of Italy to the scorching sun of Kuwait, a program that explores fascinating connections between humans and horses throughout the globe, through the history of great characters between riders and their respective vehicles. An original series that delves into the rare world of equestrian!

DREAM TEAMS Real Madrid and England (21:30)

What are the best 11 in Real Madrid’s history? And how many players from England’s 1966 World Champion Team will reach the best formation ever? This program is a journey to the best soccer teams in the world and their protagonists. A fascinating journey through what some of the 11 best ever have done, led by some of the greatest talents in history.


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