2022 Draft Prospect – Jay Claravia

O Jumper BrazilPartnership with, Draft Central, Continues the “2022 Draft Prospectus” series with Forward Jay Claravia. One of the highlights of this season at Wake Forest University, he is planned as the final first round pick of this year’s draft.Check the analysis site For 20-year-old athletes.

Jake Larabia

Year: 20 years
Country: America
University: Wake Forest
experience: Junior (3rd year university student)
position: Pivot / Wing
height: 6’8” (2.03m)
Wingspan: 6’9.5” (2.07m)
weight: 103kg

Last season average: 14.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, 3.7 assists, 1.7 steals, 1.0 blocks, 2.7 amount of sales55.9% for field shots, 38.4% for three-point balls (2.2 trials per game), 77.7% for free throws, 34.2 minutes

Strong point

Jake Larabia is a prospect ready to face the most physical games at the professional level. In addition, he moves fluidly around the court.

Aggressive versatility; LaRavia features precise footwork and efficient back-to-basket play.I use it very often Spin move, fake And hooks, that is, it’s excellent Maximum post.. In fact, he loves to attack small wings with low posts. In addition, he has become a consistent border pitcher (fast and compact pitching mechanic).

Excellent for cutting into baskets.Maybe one of the best cutter Of the 2022 class. Therefore, it is a legitimate offensive threat during migration and during migration. back door..

Passersby above average position ( Point forward). In addition to good ball control, Laravia has a keen vision of the court, understands the angle and connects a good pass to teammates who move towards the basket or place themselves to shoot from the surroundings. I can do it.

A solid defender. He has the strength and good footwork to keep the player in that position and not be “sold” in exchange. In addition, he is competitive, shows a lot of strength on the court and always protects his active hands and arms. Thus, he’s attracting attention because of the ease of cutting the passline, even though he doesn’t have the enviable wingspan. In addition, he knows how to place himself as a defender on the other side of the ball.

In short, Jake Larabia Forward combo Shows high IQ of basketball on both sides of the court, that is, advanced measurements of the opponent’s defense and defense rotation. Useful if you have or don’t have the ball, perfect for teams that already have the ball. Playmaker Advanced.Finally, the prototype Role player Every team in the league has space.


Athletic ability leaves something desired. He doesn’t have much lateral agility, so he should have difficulty exchanging to mark faster, more explosive players. Also, it’s not an elite trim protector (no long arms, just ok). Therefore, this casts doubt on its role in one-on-one defense and infiltration protection for top-class athletes.And another detail: you can improve your defenses Closeout..

Absence of the first step of the elite after dribbling.and CollegeIn certain games, it was difficult to end the traffic. Therefore, it is not designed to be a good individual scorer or a major playmaker of the next level.

The amount of surrounding pitch is small. In the NBA, which relies more and more on three pointers, Laravia increases the number of long-range shots, Stretch 4 Or threat Pick and pop (What the league team loves).

There are restrictions on creating your own shots facing the basket (and after the light trap).Center forward prefers to receive the ball Maximum post Where the coat is, preferably corner ((((Spot up). Therefore, it has no effect in the following situations. isolation..

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Comparison: Deni Avdija (Washington Wizards)

projection: Between options 22 and 35

Check out Jake Larabia’s shots

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