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The South American Games in Paraguay will be held from October 1st to 15th

Within 100 days, the 2022 South American Games will begin and will be held from October 1st to 15th in Asno, Paraguay. Competition is already moving the country’s capital in terms of preparation for hosting the event, and its importance has been emphasized by the authorities.

For Camilo Prez Lpez Moreira, President of the Odesur (South American Sports Organization), the mission of the Organizing Committee is to leave a positive legacy to society, in addition to the sporting issue itself.

“We hope that the next South American competition will be an unforgettable celebration to commemorate the generation. We are our model of promoting sustainable and efficient events with a strong social heritage. Below, we want to inspire young people to always embrace the values ​​of the Olympics. ” president.

In the view of Minister Diego Galleno of the Sport in Paraguay, the tournament will be an important milestone for the country in terms of sports, in addition to boosting the local economy.

“Organizing a good game means before and after sports in Paraguay. There are more than 4,500 athletes who make very interesting moves for the hotel and gastronomic economy,” the minister emphasizes.


Structurally, the competition will be held at the Paraguay Olympic Park and the sports complex of Asno Bay, Resort Lycra and Sports Club Luceo in the city of Luke.

According to the Paraguayan Olympic Commission, the investment to host the game was about $ 25 million. At the beginning of the project, the Pandemic changed plans, although the intention was to build an Olympic Village to accommodate the participating delegations.

Thus, the hotel chain in the capital of Paraguay accommodates 14 delegations. A movable structure will also be built in the sports area to accommodate the flow of people involved in the game.

Tatiana Fasolari, Executive Director of Fast Engenharia, Latin America’s largest overlay company, is a specialist in the creation and assembly of major sporting events, emphasizing how mobile structures can be on the side of temporary events.

“The mobile structure is widely used in this type of event because it is an excellent alternative to cost savings and speeding up the assembly process. In addition, the mobile structure does not form the so-called” white “. .. Elephants, areas and arenas will no longer be used in the city after the event and will be dismantled to avoid harming the locals. Mobile structures are typically used to build press centers, accommodations and sports arenas, which are less practiced in the host country, “he analyzes.

With a branch in Paraguay, Fast Engenharia is already working on building structures at the Rio 2016 Olympics, 2014 Brazil World Cup, Sopoleo Formula 1 GP, ATP 500 Rio Open 2019 and Youth Olympics. Buenos Aires 2028, Pan American Games in Lima 2019, etc.

Positive results for the past

Tatiana Fasolari draws on the experience gained on all these occasions to emphasize the importance of such an event to the host country. It is also a great opportunity for the city to showcase its attractions and increase tourist demand. Finally, big events are a great opportunity. “

For Rogrio Sampaio, the Secretary of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), expectations for competition are the highest possible, both in terms of infrastructure and sport outcomes.

“A great deal of effort has been made by the Organizing Committee to achieve great competition. Now, the final stages of operation have actually begun and printing is the best possible. There are still many challenges. We know that, but we are completely confident that expectations for the South American Games are very high and Brazil is the most modality with the goal of winning as many medals as possible. Will go with the main players at, “he says.

Players from Argentina, Alba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela will participate in the XII South American Games.

The main areas of the tournament are athletics, basketball, baseball, boxing, canoeing, karate, cycling, fencing, water sports, swimming, gymnastics, handball, figure skating, horseback riding, taekwondo, tennis and archery.

The game usually takes place in April and May, but due to the health crisis around the world, we had to reschedule for the last stretch of the year.

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